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3.1) Fence: If your dog fails in getting oats back, the thief loses 10% (see update -->) of the stolen oats while trying to jump the fence. Noob! Update: The amount the thief loses is equal to the fence level divided by 10 (so stage two fence gives your herd back 20% of the tolen oats).
3.2) Paint Shop: When you're in first place, your Congress-Sheep can use .paint green/blue/red/purple (not your herd, but any other) to start selling paint to your sheep for 30 mins. It costs 150 ESD a pop for sheep that want to steal using the paint, but it lets you steal from a specific herd even if you're in first. [This is inspired by @Resoula saying something crazy one day. Not the abortion thing, tho; that was a bit insanely funny!.]
3.3) The Capitol: So you can elect a Congress-Sheep to run certain things in your herd. On election day, use .elect someone to cast your vote. Only one vote allowed per sheep (voter fraud is srsly punished!11!) and a sheep needs 4 votes to win. You CAN vote for yourself. Candidates need 20+ XP. Every three days, you gotta elect again. Democracy, baby.
3.4) Oats Factory: Sheep can all work using @work once a day. Your work is worth different amounts based on your class (Builders get the most). Players can use @factory to heal  during the wolf fight using the saved up labor. Check .manage to see management details. ;)
3.5) Kennel: Congress-Sheep can send your dog to dog school for $200 for one class per day. The next ->15 * STAGE OF KENNEL<- hunts will guarantee an item for the hunter. If you do this but can't hunt (busy dog or w/e), the hunts are still available for later use. [This is based off @Lamori Machai's suggestion about training the dog. Good call, bro.]
3.6) Bank: Any sheep can transfer ESD to a herdsmate using @loan nick value (if the player puts his/her nick in the nick spot, s/he gets a loan from the bank that has to be paid back using @bank). A Congress-Sheep can exchange oats for money at a 100 oats to $1 ratio using @exchange #_of_oats
3.7) Luxury_Resort: Once a day, a sheep can visit the resort using .resort to reset their main task (e.g. thief resets steal, builder resets craft). No Congress-Sheep allowed, though. Update: Sheep can visit the resort using @resort to reset their main task (e.g. thief resets steal, builder resets craft). They can use the resort as many times a day as the herd has upgraded it (so stage two resort can be used twice per day). Congress-Sheep gets to reset any of the four main commands: graze, hunt, steal, or craft (e.g.: @resort craft).

3.8) Barracks: Your herd gets a 50% boost in attack and health when fighting the wolf. The wolf does not gain anything.
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