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Voots 4 Pres - March '21
« on: February 28, 2021, 04:32:30 PM »
Greetings!  My name is Herr Vootsman and I am running for Country President. 

My story begins back in 2009.  I was born in California during the Indonesian Occupation.  Thanks to support from the Flying Unicorn Squadron, I was given a plane ticket to evacuate to the former fortress state of New Jersey. With the help of the local Q5 Hospital and donated food, I joined the fight against the combined forces of Russia, Indonesia, Portugal, and France.   We eventually were victorious.  Although I have never been the strongest tank or the richest gold beast, I have always worked to support eUSA typically as a behind the scenes worker, distributing food, weapons, houses or money.  My general strategy was to be a multiplier if I can get people involved or sufficient, they can contribute more than I can as an individual.

I have a long track record of reliable work, both in Government and Military (was in Mobile Infantry back in the day).  I have been in numerous cabinets over the last few years.  My roles tend to involve the time-consuming tasks of sending out food or money, but sometimes I render my opinion (or more commonly, merely provide witty banter).  I work well with people from the various parties.  Over the years, our alliances have changed, and while former friends are now enemies, and former enemies are now allies, I have continued to maintain cordial relations people on both sides.  I plan to continue this if I am elected.

I don't know the BSP that well, mostly because a lot of my work is done on the forum, and accordingly I often don't end up in the same discussions with you.  I do have a few ideas on things to change with regards to forum - such as finding a way to allow voting on forum discussions without having to post in forum (e.g. game thread / discord) - obviously the most recent proposal didn't pass, but I would attribute that to the way Dom proposed it rather than an attempt to keep in game voting excluded.  As I did mention elsewhere, I think we should turn forum into more of a national assembly, where anyone is able to participate, rather than our system of elected congress + delegates.  Anyways, thank you for your consideration and feel free to ask me anything.  I may not agree but I am always honest, trustworthy and respectful.