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Live (Fourth Edition Poem)
« on: June 30, 2014, 11:58:36 AM »
Born into the world with a title called special and a future deemed normal.
Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to act.
Free to pick a future of any profession and any path with morals guiding what you believe, who you are, and what you do.
You are given the freedom to live.
Consequences, rewards, and freedom to express I hereby express how I feel about the freedom to live.
Happy, sad, framed and hated You have the freedom to live.
Opinions are good, opinions are rights, and everyone is entitled to this freedom that restricts the rights of the simplest things.
They tell you you're wrong, but they give you the freedom to live.
I'd rather the right than the freedom and for that I live behind bars in a cell somewhere that is not like home to me, but would be as long as they got what they really wanted.
Tis a cause for an order which they deem to have the right to decide the one side of the right which they call-
The freedom to live.
Why would you give a die six sides only to decide that one and only one side could be called the right, and the rest be a shameful freedom with preventions and punishments for those who wish to exercise their right?
Keep your society, keep your lies, I want none of your ideals, none of your morals, and none of your freedoms that you would so graciously give away.
I do not want the freedom to live.
I want the right.