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How to register your IRC nickname
« on: May 28, 2014, 10:57:33 AM »
Registering your name on IRC (AKA your 'IRC nick') is important if you want to get on specific IRC rooms (which we call channels). Many private channels are restricted by a list of IRC nicks that are allowed to be in there. For example, #VMA-214 is a restricted channel that you can only get in to once we add you to the access list, so nick registration is pretty important.

Here's how you do it:

Click the Chat link on the top menu and open it in a new tab/window. If the nick you want to use on IRC isn't already filled in, type it in, and then hit Connect. [You don't have to use the Chat module provided on these forums. Just connect to the Rizon IRC network (there are thousands of networks; eRep communities use Rizon) from any IRC client and understand that if you don't use ours, only the pictures will look different. The commands you are required to input will be the same.]

You should see some connection information, but just ignore it for now. This is what you should see once you're connected:

To register, type the following into your chatbox and press enter:
Code: [Select]
/ns register password email
If I wanted my password to be 'Pick_Your_Own_Password' and my email were '', this is what I would type:

Once you type it in, you'll get a message saying "<NickServ>: A passcode has been sent to, please type /msg NickServ confirm <passcode> to complete registration"

Go check your email for your passcode:

Type in the code in the email (copy what's inside the quotation marks):
Code: [Select]
/msg NickServ confirm passcode

And you're done!

If you run into any problems, post here and I'd be glad to help.
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