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The Graze Game
« on: May 21, 2015, 07:25:20 AM »

Once upon 362 days ago, I wrote an article titled "The Graze Game". It was an advertisement to VMA-214's IRC-based game that we all love to play. Unfortunately over the course of nearly a year, things change. So today I'm going to present you with an updated view at our community-based IRC game, and perhaps you'll find it interesting and want to join us and try it for yourself!

And to add some spice, we have also recently started handing out prizes of Q7 Weapons to the Top 5 players every round. So hurry on down so you can start winning! =D

PICKING A HERD is quite the interesting introduction to the graze game. You are presented with several colors; IE. Blue, Red, and Green. Each represents a herd (Team) that you may join and play The Graze Game as a part of.

It is in this herd of your choice that you will most likely make your first and closest friends with. You will work together for the utter domination over all inferior herds!- And uh, yknow. You'll have fun too. =P

If you were to come down and join us in our game you could pick your herd based on your favorite color, or whatever you'd like really. Each herd has it's active players that I'm sure would love to meet you.

PMG-24 is the new supreme overlord of green herd, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind some help trying to kick every other herd's ass around a bit.

Our very own Military Unit Commander Roper and myself have recently rejoined Red Herd, and we are seeing Red's first impending victory in a while. Because Red Herd = Best Herd. And we'd always love to see more faces.

Blue Herd has been in a bit of a slump lately, Mancini_Horvat being their top player currently, they could use some help as they've fallen way behind the arms race between red and green. So if you like blue, sheep, and games, come on down and join up with blue herd!

THE BASIC FUNCTIONS of this game may seem a little intimidating at first glance, but after a day or two acquainting yourself with all the commands it is very simple.

When you first start The Graze Game you are able to select a class. You have a choice between Grazer, Thief, Builder, and Hunter. Information on classes can be found here.

The goal of The Graze Game is to get as many oats as you can and hold the lead. For every second you hold the lead, a second is added to your team's total time. To win the game your herd must have the highest total time by the end of the round.

There's a bunch of different ways to acquire oats. You may Graze oats from your farm, Steal oats from other herds, fight the big bad wolf and reap an oaty reward! On top of that you can send a dog out to hunt- which occasionally comes back with oats; and do many more things to attempt to win this game.

On top of that you can craft buildings if you are a builder, which all herd members can contribute resources to that will grant you benefits. All buildings and their functions are listed here.

One Round in The Graze Game lasts two weeks. But if it is felt among many people that the round is done and the winner cannot be changed- a vote may be cast to reset it early, keeping the game fun and exciting for everyone!

VMA-214 The Black Sheep is the home of The Graze Game. We are always looking for new sheep to join our ranks, whether they be interested in our game, looking for a community to become politically active with, or just looking for some friends to talk to and hang out with.

If you'd like to join us or see what this game is all about, I encourage you to drop by into our public Rizon IRC server #blacksheep and say hello. If you have any questions on IRC in general such as what it is- or how to make it work, send me a message or comment below and I'm sure someone will help you out. =)

We also have our own Top 5 Political Party here on eRepublik for those looking to become a black sheep!

Thanks for reading today everybody! I hope to see some new faces stopping by the barn this weekend to say hello. I'll see you all next time!
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